The Rocky Horror Video Game!


The file "" is the Rocky Horror Show Video Game made for the Apple ][ computer, ziped for space. The file "" is an Apple ][ emulator for MSDOS, with all needed "rom" files added. Emulators for other systems (Unix/Mac/etc) can be found at

BTW, if you are interested in Apple ][ games, programs, and such in general, this is a *great* site. Hundreds of Apple ][ disk images, emulators, and other really kool{tm} stuff!

To play game unpack everything into a directory of your choice.
Run the program "APPLE.EXE".
Hit "D" for disk drive, then "1" for drive 1.
(These are NOT real drives, but rather emulated "apple"drives.)
Hit [TAB], use the arrow keys to move down to the file "RHPS.DSK", and hit [ENTER].
Hit [ESC]
Hit [ESC] again to run the game.
Hit [F3] to get color.
Hit [F10] to get back to the menu at any time, and then "Q" to quit.
Don't change the sound from speaker to Sound Blaster, it blows...

The screen WILL mess up *really* badly at the third intro screen when you start up the game. Don't worry, it's normal. Just wait a min for it to get a little worse and then it will clear up on the castle picture and be fine from their on.